Farm Fresh Milk is an Alberta based non-profit that seeks a change to the over-regulation of dairy farmers.



Isn’t it raw?

Yes it is. But so is chicken that is sold in stores. We trust Canadians not to eat chicken that has gone bad because it was left out too long, and we think Canadians can be trusted with their milk as well. 

So why is it illegal?

Back when people didn’t have refrigerators, it was difficult to keep fresh milk cool enough. Like many foods, milk, when allowed to cool down, can contain things that have the potential to make people sick. With modern refrigeration, however, these rules are no longer necessary in order to keep milk consumers safe.

Is this just a way for farmers to skirt dairy regulations.

Farmers of farm fresh milk actually spend far more per gallon of production than large dairy farmers. Canadian farm fresh producers don’t feed their cattle any GMOs, manage herd health more closely and prefer direct to consumer shipping. Choosing to produce farm fresh milk is a passion and conviction, not a money grab.

Don’t other countries have the same regulations?

Not any more! Most European countries and 43 out of the 50 states in the USA have various forms of legal fresh milk production and sales. All 13 border states along the Canadian/US border allow the sale of farm fresh milk, allowing Canadians who want farm fresh milk to simply drive south in order to purchase it. We think it would be much better if Canadian consumers could purchase the same product from our wonderful Canadian producers.

  • "To my elation, for the first time, my daughter could drink milk without suffering afterward!! Additionally, prior to farm-fresh milk, my daughter would break out in varying severity of an eczema-like rash, after switching to raw milk, her skin cleared up beautifully! She rarely breaks out anymore, and if she does, it is because we haven’t been careful enough with her diet."
    ~ Chrystal

  • "As a lactose-intolerant individual, I can drink farm-fresh milk and feel absolutley no side effects. My family makes many different things from our milk; yogurt, cheese and kefir to name a few. These are the only dairy products I am able to consume without feeling any side effects. The raw milk is creamy and smooth and full of life! A pleasant contrast to my 4yr old's comment about pasteurized milk "this tastes like water and cardboard!"
    ~ Sheena

  • "I had the pleasure of meeting a man who was a manager of a well-known health food store in Calgary. It was then that he explained to me the science behind unpasteurized milk and that it would be beneficial to try to see how my husband and kids responded to it. It was miraculous! I started out slow. No reactions. I recall the panic I had when my kids loved it so much they would have more than one glass of raw unpasteurized milk multiple days in a row. Nothing happened. It was clear to me this was an excellent answer for our family. My kids began to consume unpasteurized raw milk on a daily and weekly basis. I couldn’t keep enough of it in the fridge!"
    ~ Karla

  • "Without access to raw milk and dairy products that are produced with integrity and enzymes intact... we have had to make the tough decision as a family to become a dairy-free family. It is just is not worth the pain my kids are in to continue giving them something that is making them so sick."
    ~ Sara-Lynne